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Monday, January 10, 2011

How to get your C.V. (Resume) Shortlisted?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMO (Social Media Optimization), Google Adsence etc etc these terms are no longer new even to a novice web user but most surfers think that they are relevant to just the online media marketers/ web master's career and they have nothing much to do with it. If you also think so, I must say you are under a wrong impression like many other.

Gone are those days when the H.R (Human Resource) team would personally review every single C.V./ Resume to see if your skills and qualifications match with the requirements of the job. This is possible when a few number of candidates have applied for the position or the size of the firm is very small but it's generally not the case in most of the situation. In present times thousands of C.V.'s/ Resumes flow for any job and this is evident from the fact that you see hundreds and even thousands of comments for any job posting on LinkedIn.

So how does the H.R. department manages to shortlist a few of the top candidates based on their career history in a short period of time. H.R. team also have stringent targets to meet and department who has requested for the man power is sitting on their heads to fill the position as early as possible.

In this situation having effective keywords placement in your C.V is what matters. There are systems in place which shortlist the C.V.'s which have got the keywords the company is looking for and if your C.V. does not have those keywords even though you may have the skills you might not get a call.

This is same concept which search engines like Google and Yahoo use when they produce results for any term you search. SEO & SMO experts makes sure that their clients website have got those terms and hence their website gets high up in the search result. (There are other factors too)

For your C.V. which is like your website you have to be your own SEO expert and it's your job to make sure that your C.V. gets noticed. The ideal way is to carefully study the job description and identify the key terms and than put those terms in your C.V. but you need to be careful not to overpopulate your C.V. with those terms which is also not a good practice. The other day I was talking to the recruitment officer who hires for the government and she told me that when it comes to applying for a government job you must cut paste the same keywords or may be the entire sentence if you want your C.V. to get shortlisted for the interview call.

Now if you would have noticed the keywords in this blog are CV, Job, Career which have been placed at appropriate location in the entire blog.

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